Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Monday Moments

More snow over the weekend. You have a lot of time to think as you push the snowblower on and on and on...

Jan Sokoloff actually commented on one of my essays. She pointed me to an entry over in Sacred Texts that held some of Albert Einstein's essays. Here is the one she pointed me to. My own views on science versus religion versus evolution are on record with some lengthy and unread posts (except by Jan) and I won't bother to reiterate them here. However, it was interesting to note that from Einstein's 1930 essay that the issues have been with us a long time and no less a person than Albert Einstein was unable to solve them. There's very little reconciliation between a person who isn't drawn to church rhetoric and symbolism and and one who is. It's hard to get past the "what I believe is the real deal and you better believe in it, too!" mindset.

But: the February 2008 issue of F&SF is in my hot little hands and there's my name on the cover-- in small letters and towards the bottom of the list but there none the less. James Cambias, a member of the Cambridge SF Workshop, of which I am a member, is also there. In bigger letters and higher on the page.

I can't top the magazine, the snow and reading Einstein. So that's it for now.

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