Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of Interest

Wall of Idiots

DIY Erodes Service Businesses
Bush and Science
Making Hallucinogenic Sugar

Of Interest
The Costco Circular Accelerator
Rickshaw Robot
Evolution of the Jaw
Our Hologrammatic World
The World of the Quotation Mark
The Light Fantastic
Methane on Mars: Here. Here. Here.
Ares Questioned
Quantum Biology
Knitting the Brain
Watch the Alpha Particles!
Dude! Where's the Egg?
Magnetic Movie
RIAA Comes to Senses
Tiny Sculptures
Killing Lampreys with Sex
Big Box of ADHD

How to Sleep Warm Anywhere
Rainwater Catchments
The Heiny Heater
Marble Rolls
Compost Tumbler
Wood Gas Stove

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