Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rest Day: Of Interest

(Picture from here.)

I've been pretty busy lately and I haven't really been tracking some sites. So here are a bunch of links that I found quite fun but haven't had the time to put up.

I strongly recommend the Rube Goldberg video below.


Wall of Idiots

Links of Interest
V: Bloom Box and Energy
V: Superconductor levitation
V: Destroying a laptop with liquid N2
V: Rap about glycolysis
V: Flying Panty Ornithopters
V: Japanese space elevator video. Maybe.
V: Powerline vs Treebranch
V: Tin pest
V: Rube Goldberg is so last generation and here
V: Will a lava lamp work on Jupiter?
V: Lego animations
V: Xyloexplosion. For those beyond dominos.
V: North American Handmade Bike Show
V: Heat storage technology from MIT
Aliens vs Predator vs Mega Shark
V: Jetlev. Sheer Awesomeness.
US Manufacturing is not dead
Backpack hydroelectric plant
Project Noah
Kiriko MothMIT Center for Bits and Atoms
V: Sign painting
Spokeless bicycle
Coffee kiss

Beam Camp
Google map envelope
Label etching glass
The Rolleron
V:Biodegradable plastic
Fabbing in clay
Letters from the Fab Academy: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.
Listening cup
Steel can hydrophone
Vortex tube
Music instrument kits
Perfectly centered holes with a drill press
Free woodworking books
Recycling office paper into blank books
Gourd lanterns. And here.
V: Making glowstick chemical
V: Waste oil foundry
V: LED light brick
V: Cut a wine bottle in 30 seconds
Cigar box guitars and here.
Kids' dining footrest
Hedra from hangers

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