Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another DIY Day

(Picture from here.)

Another DIY day.

Ideas categorized for your pleasure.

Weirdly Cool
Magnetic Silly Putty
Robot butterfly
The Rocket Project
Plastic bottle island
Dabbling in Alchemy
Balloon linear accelerator
FDR's secret train station

Hibiscus Cooler
Baked potato chips
Breakfast rice
Pumpkin cheesecake
Elderflower cordial
Smoothie pops
Vegetable panini

Hot Metal Stuff
Welding cart
Barbecue welding
Garden Incinerator-Patio Heater

Hand Work
Rotational Origami
Sketch book
Playdough painting
25 cent silver ring

Flat Pack Chair Design S/W
Tour the ISS on line
DIY Satellite Launches
Inside a photo copier
Make: Projects

Off Label Uses
Uses of petroleum jelly
Things to do with a USB

Salt and Vinegar circuit etching
Gas sniffing alarm
Glow sticks

Primitive Techniques
Hand knapped glass knife
Knots and more knots
Traditional knowledge database

The Real World
3 D Printing
Micro-mill from scrap
Circular Saw->Table Saw
Solar lawn mower
Stirling engine fan
Plumbing desk

Artificial reef
Terra cotta fountain
Making a fire piston
PVC garden trowel
Growing gourmet mushrooms in a coffee cup
Raising chickens

Entertainment Value
Slip and Slide
Kids Projects
Simple robots
Water guns
Catnip extract kitty crack
Toy catamaran
Rubberband shotgun
Fortune telling cube

Things better left undone
Fart operated TV remote

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