Sunday, September 12, 2010

Winter Preparation

Well, it's fall again. Up here in the Frozen North we have to view fall through the grim lens of impending winter.

Here's the stuff I have to get done before Columbus Day:
  1. Clear out the garage for the cars
  2. Set up the tractor for leaf collection
  3. Use the file cabinets I bought over the summer to make a work table
  4. Finish work on the overhead wood storage unit
  5. Fix the piping on the heater
  6. Close off the shop to the invading squirrels. (Kill them. Kill them all.)
  7. Bottle the summer wine I made
  8. Pull the shade cloth off the greenhouse
  9. Set up the new fish pond for use
  10. Fix the light over the greenhouse door
  11. Finish the alcove addition to the shop
  12. Move the wood and set up the wood pile canopy.
Columbus Day is a good stopping point for things that absolutely have to be done above freezing. Once they're done they enable work in the cold.

After Columbus Day there are a number of other jobs:
  1. Clean out the gutters after the leaves and pine needles fall.
  2. Repair the snow blower
  3. Test out the generators-- repair if necessary
Oh, yeah. "Enjoy the fall" is in there somewhere.

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