Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Book View Café Releases Shift by Chris Dolley

Shift (Science Fiction)
Chris Dolley
May 31, 2011
$3.99 ebook
ISBN: 978 1 61138 067 5

A near future SF mystery thriller with a touch of out-of-body horror.

A serial killer with multiple personalities. An astronaut who returns from higher dimensional space a changed man. And an unlikely detective who has to get into the mind of a killer ... the hard way.

Astronaut John Bruce was the first man to pilot a ship through higher dimensional space. Two years after his triumphant return, a second John Bruce appears—as a new personality of Peter Pendennis, an imprisoned serial killer with multiple personalities. The doctors are skeptical, until he asks to see Louise Callander, the astronaut's former girlfriend, and reveals things only the real John Bruce could know.

Hyperpsychologist Nick Stubbs is brought in to investigate. According to the latest research, the mind doesn't just inhabit the physical three-dimensional world. It projects into the higher dimensions and if Bruce's brain had been inadequately shielded when he'd entered higher dimensional space...

Could a part of his personality have been torn away? And somehow attached itself to a new host? Nick's initial scans of Pendennis's brain are unlike anything he's seen before, but before he can continue, the killings start. Soon Nick and Louise are on the run, from the police, and the killer, but how can they evade a murderer who appears to be able to walk through walls?

And there's an added problem. Astronaut John Bruce—or is it Mr. Hyde?—just happens to be running for President.

Chris Dolley has been a computer consultant, a pioneer computer games designer, an amateur detective and once, as a teenager, freed a small country. Now he lives with his wife and a large collection of animals on a farm they renovated in the Normandy-Maine Regional Park.

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