Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lies of the Salamander

The salamander won South Carolina.

I'm no fan of Romney. I think Santorum's an idiot and while I have a fondness for Paul it doesn't make up for any shortcomings of his batshit insane ideas.

But the salamander is a flat out liar.

He's always been a liar. He is lying to you right now. You can tell because his lips are moving.

FactCheck.org is kind to say he's distorting the truth in this ad. But let's call it what it is: lies. Flat out lies.

So: on the Republican side we have a liar and a cheat, a mediocre and fairly unscrupulous liar, an idiot and a crazy old man.

On the Democratic side we have a guy who's failed at being on the left and has signed into law a bill that should have shamed Dubya.

Hm. Tough choice. But I think I'll stick with the failed lefty.

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