Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things to Do

For those of you who have some spare time, here are some ideas of things to do:

Cool for Coolness' Sake
Build a Recurve Bow from Skis
Send up a Space Balloon
Spring Action Mortar

Hover Sled
Fire Piston
Tool Set
Siphon Wave Generator
Micro Underwater ROV
Swimming Robo Snake
16 Foot Tensegrity Ball
Underwater Periscope
Cheap Sail Boat
Black Locust Bow

Solar Oven

Small Scale Wave Power Generator
Smart Wind Turbine
Solar Panel Electric System
Window Mounted Solar Heater
Solar Power Supply

Practical for Practical's Sake
Leg Press Machine
Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap

Repair the Rust Hole in a Car
Heavy Duty Rain Barrel
Cabin on a Budget
Bike Panniers

Loop Bracelet
Carved Spoon
Plaster Face Cast

Fake Sea Glass
Underwater Camera Housing

Baby Ruth Candy Bars
Chocolate Cream Oreo Pie

Backpacking Food Bars

Download Satellite Images

Thermoelectric USB Charger
Jacob's Ladder

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