Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Fun Grab Bag

A bunch of things came across my desk today.

First, Emily Graslie who works at the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum on the University of Montana campus has started a new blog/vlog called "The Brain Scoop." It is a tremendous amount of fun. The tumblr account is here. The youtube channel is here.

Second, Hank Green has something called SciShow. It is also a vlog/blog about science. Very fun. Very cool. The tumblr account is here. The youtube channel is here.

The Oatmeal has finally made good on its promise to reward the $35K donation to the Tesla Museum last year. It's for a Best Western that is transforming itself into the coolest Dino Hotel in the world. See here.

Finally, the picture above.

I follow a lot of web comics. This means I follow the musings, gruntings, brilliant insights and low in-jokes of a lot of artists. One particularly interesting fellow is Yellow Peril's Jamie Noguchi. Not only is Noguchi a top notch artist and story teller he evangelizes other similarly brilliant artists. One of which is Kelvin Okafor. Jamie talks about him here.

I pulled the above picture from the video Noguchi embedded in his discussion of Okafor's work.

Here's the spit take: that's a drawing. It is not a photograph. It is a graphite pencil drawing. The video shows how Okafor made it.

Go look at the video. Look at Okafor's site.

People are awesome.

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