Saturday, December 5, 2009

All DIY, All the Time

(Picture of the Studley Toolchest.)

DIY is broad for me. I means anything we can do for ourselves: cooking, making jewelry, etc. So I read about it. I came on this one article about becoming our own manufacturers.

We are All Manufacturers

In the vein of doing thins, I have been looking at a lot of projects over at Make and Instructables. Here they are:

Christmas light boxes
Butter and buttermilk
Chocolate cake
Halloween stuff
Wood pendant necklace
Bagels. From scratch.
Reusing lightbulbs
Holiday cheese ball
Mini snow globes
Hot chocolate
Three hitch mat hair ornament
Tesla coil
Creme brulee
Chocolate pie
Hedgehog rolls
Make your own springs
Using home solar panels
Mini gift parcels and here
LEDs for beginners
Repairing broken umbrellas
Chicken salad
Christmas window lighting frames
Wine bottle drinking glasses and other such: Here. Here. Here. Here.
Aluminum bottle stove and here
Ginger beer and here
Bottle cap tops
Carbonated fruit
Solar bag cooker
Home carbonation system
Compost bins
Homemade cider
Fly Trap
Cardboard turbine engine
5 Minute Projects
Kids Holiday Gift Guide
Solar light
Bike repair stand and here
Physics workshop kit
Bic branding iron
Cables into design
Electric car
Bird head necklace (Creepy!)
Cigar box guitar
Pinhole cameras
Ollo action kit
Handy tricks and here
Quick crafts
Weird trinkets
Odd things
Rope from water bottles

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