Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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The Heiress Companion (regency romance)
Madeleine Robins
November 1, 2011 $3.99

ebook here.

Description: While Rowena Cherwood did not go around boasting of it, she had a tidy legacy from her parents. Free to choose the life she wanted, and unwilling to live with her overbearing aunt, she accepted a position as Lady Bradwell's companion.

A spinster of twenty-seven, Rowena gave little thought to marriage--until Lyn Bradwell, Lady Bradwell's long absent son, returned to England, their chemistry was immediate--and fiery.

Love was the last thing on Rowena's mind--or Lyn's. Lady Bradwell, impatient for her companion's happiness and her son's, wondered how long it would be before her companion and her son would open their eyes.

Bio: Madeleine Robins is the author of eleven novels, including five Regency romances; The Stone War; Point of Honour; Petty Treason; The Sleeping Partner; and The Salernitan Women. A native New Yorker, she lives in San Francisco

Copyright: 1981

Keywords: regency romance, historical romance

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BONUS: Madeleine Robins’ new Sarah Tolerance novel, The Sleeping Partner, is also available here.

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