Monday, July 13, 2009

Dresden Codak

(Picture from here. Comic in which it appeared is here.)

One of my favorite webcomics is Dresden Codak. Here is an example why. Here is another. Wikipedia entry here.

Paul Valery said that "Everything changes except the avant-garde." Which I use as an excuse to treat new media and mechanisms of storytelling with skepticism.

That said, Aaron Diaz is doing something very different and perhaps unique in the world of story telling. I've been watching him for years and he keeps surprising me. Enjoying him is like contempating icebergs. You can only see the surface but there's a whole universe under the water.

I have no idea on the origin of the name.
Wall of Idiots
Americans and Science
Lies about Obama and Health Care
"Clean" Coal

Political Links
Sarah Palin and Conservatism
Sonia Sotomayor

Links of Interest
Swearing reduces pain
Mathematics of revolution
Large Dinosaur Adaptations
Clean Grease
Solar Cheaper than PG&E
Detoxifying the Brain
Space Solar Power, Part 2
Francis Collins and the NIH
Oldest Dino Burrow
Waste After Yucca Mountain
V: Robotic Prosthetic Arm
V: Destroyed in Seconds
Accidental Inventions
Garfield Minus Garfield
New species found in USA

Nitrous Oxide Cheese
Homopolar Motor and here and here
Lawn Mowing
Garden hoe
Lawn mower generator
Lathing without the Lathe
Cardboard box spinning wheel
V: The integrated circuit

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