Monday, July 27, 2009

Of Interest

Nothing much today.

Wall of Idiots
Sarah Palin's Resignation Speech
Electronic Cigarettes
17,00 Tons of Mercury
Factory "Food"
Farmers and the Climate Bill
Why China is eating our clean energy lunch

Links of Interest
Beautiful Minerals of Massachusetts
The Stem Cell Heart (Poe would be proud.)
Small Power is Beautiful
China and the Environment and here
Texas Wind
Solar Blimp and here
Freaks of Nature

Talk to your Solar Installer
Cardboard Wine Rack
Cardboard Trebuchet
Cardboard Shoji
Cardboard Furniture
Wicking Garden Beds
Folding Machines: Jeans and T-Shirt
Woodgas Stove
Tub Bass
Microbial Fuel Cell
Roach Control
Reso Drum
Tiny Kite
T-Shirt Tote Bag

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