Monday, June 14, 2010

About "This Old Man"

This Old Man goes up over at Book View Cafe today. TOM was my first story about Old Man Hibbert. I like that character-- I've even written an unpublished 150,000 word novel in his world.

Post-apocalyptic stories are a staple in science fiction. I'm no different. My last sale to Asimov's was Jackie's Boy. Also a post-apocalyptic story. By the way, both Jackie's Boy and This Old Man take place in the same universe.

Same universe. Different apocalypses.

TOM is one of those stories I find hard to talk about. It's difficult to write about where the story came from without revealing too much about the story. It's better to read it.

I was certainly influenced by Laurie Garrett's book, The Coming Plague.

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