Friday, June 18, 2010

DIY Friday

(Picture from here.)

It's another DIY day. With additional Very Cool Things.

These projects all look fun.

Go make things.

Very Cool Things
Skeletal anatomy of cartoon characters
Catapulting flaming bowling balls
Origami masks
Virtual pottery wheel
V: Great Lego Microbiologists
1:1 plywood space vehicles
Large Hadron Collider Popup Book
V: Thomas Kuntz
Matchstick Luthier
V: Origami Hang Gliders
One Creative Thing a Day
Coat hanger gorilla
Applied Kinetic Arts

Made by Hand
V:Adam Savage on problem solving
V: How do mecanum wheels work?
How a truss works
Useful mechanical animations
Fix It Channel

Laundry machine
Stirling engines: here, here
Tesla turbine and here
Steam engine
Bamboo bike
Lenz Turbine
Restoring a drill press
PC Fans->Wind Generators
12 V Air Conditioner
Rebuild a rear bicycle hub
Gas powered vacuum for gold prospecting
Mini charcoal furnace
Liquid nitrogen generator
Milling Machine for < $100
Solar trackers
Sewing machine -> scroll saw

Silver Cross
Key fob
Earbud sleeve
Spark plug biplanes
Macrame bracelet
Silver ring
Jerusalem Cross

Puff Pastry
Plum smoothies
Bread pudding
Shortbread cookies
Mexican salsa
Campfire twists
Molten chocolate baby cakes
Chewing gum
Rice krispies burger
BBQ sauce

Kitchen Equipment
Cookie cutter
Glass water bottle

Installing a hardwood floor
Vertical wine rack
Elephant piggy bank
Hungarian shelves
Baby mobile
Ironing board
Under bed storage unit
Aquarium water change device
Shoe shelf
Chitosan bandages

Small LED Projector
Edge lit displays
Computer control of AC devices
USB grass charging station
Home made projector
Electromagnetic assist pendulum
Solar pendulum
Twisting wire bundles
Tin can microphones
Algae powered lamp
Router -> Repeater
Synthetic aperture RADAR
Plumbing pipe lamps
Driftwood light

Drip Irrigation
Slug beer
Automated sprinkler system
Plantable greeting cards
General garden stuff
Bees in a bell jar
Hero's Fountain and here

Arts and Crafts
Dog fur for spinning
Yoshimoto Cube and here
Working paper gears
Zine making
Modular kirigami

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