Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book View Cafe News

Book view Café (BVC) has recently launched the ebook version of Chaz Brenchley’s urban fantasy, DEAD OF LIGHT. Published in 1995, the book was nominated by the British Fantasy Society for best novel. BVC is proud to bring the novel back into the hands of the reader. “One of the great joys of Book View Cafe is the opportunity to bring old favourites back into print. I don't think there's a book in my list that I enjoyed writing as much as "Dead of Light" and its sequel, "Light Errant…" Brenchley says.

Kudos from Val McDermid: "Brenchley is a writer who worms his way into the heads and hearts of his characters and tells their terrible, tragic truths. Dead of Light grips like superglue. Powerful, poetic and passionate, it reveals an assured and accomplished story-teller at the peak of his powers."

DEAD OF LIGHT can be purchased from the BVC bookstore here. at

Samples are on line here.

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