Monday, March 30, 2009

Of Interest

Too tired and I'm in Huntsville.

Political Links
The Purchasing of America and here
Gillibrand Soul Sold to Satan

Links of Interest
The Google Wonder Wheel
Maya Pedal
Herbert Pfostl
The Structure of Science
V: Leopard Slug Sex
Up Against the Wall
The Crash Started in 1984
Embracing Piracy
Border Crossing in the Salt Mines
Jorgensen Steam Projects
V: Rube Goldberg Celebrates Easter
V: Code Cracker
EDAR makes shelter

Firewood Boomerang
Mobile Phone Vibrobot

Simple Greenhouse
Improve Your Vehicle
Top Tool Tips
Artisan Bread
Cutting Onions
Tin Ring
Rain Chain
Barrel Lamp

1 comment:

  1. A new web page has been created for Bob Jorgensen's model steam engines, steam bicycle, and steam auto. Links to YouTube video's of Bob riding his steam powered Roper replica are included.