Friday, April 2, 2010

All DIY All the Time

(Picture from here.)

Today is DIY day. (Doesn't matter what day it is, now does it?)

So: we have a jam packed set of things to do yourself, think about doing yourself or wonder at someone else doing it.

Sub-categorized for your pleasure.

(Is there nothing paracord can't do?)

Low Tech Library Links
No Tech Magazine
Primitive Ways
Society of Primitive Technology
19th Century Technology
507 Mechanical Movements
Cubely fabrication

Interesting things
Molecular painting
V: The view in a 4 stroke engine
V: Heat activated coffee cup insulation
History of Solar Power
Misanthrope's Guide to the End of the World
Collecting whale snot
The Great Handcar Regatta
Everything tiny

Things to think about other people doing
Sledgehammer fireworks
H2O2 Helicopter

Biosphere III, on the tabletop
Biohacking in your garage

500 LED extreme flashlight
Motor control joystick
Oscilloscope out of an old CRT
Organic LEDs
Star chasing camera
Geiger counter

V: Bladesmith Bob Kramer
Hex coin ring
Handmade rings
Drink can art

Confetti eggs and other Easter crafts
Model Hubble Space Telescope
Travel watercolor palette
Removable wall art
Tree from jewelry wire
"Best friends"
Carved bone fish
Money origami
Howler noise maker
Concrete mushroom yard art
Conference badge recycling
PVC flute
3D Layered drawing
Easy paper kite
Electric guitar
Bogdon box base
Pinhole panoramic camera and here
Printable pinhole camera

Soup can coffee roaster
Converting a fridge for beer fermentation
Potato chips
Stovetop popcorn
Pumpkin bread
Scallion pancakes

Waterproof camera case
Electric bamboo motorcycle

Cadillac dystopic lamp
Garden candle lanterns
Glass beads from broken bottles
Glass cutter from rolling pin and here and here
Wooden lamp

Birch and Aluminum Desk
Adirondack chair
Crutch hat rack
Renovating an outdoor table
Wooden bicycle
Wine cork bath mat
Bow from hardware store lumber

Utilitarian: Tools and Workshops
Treadmill motor for powering tools
Worklight from PVC
Cheap soil moisture sensor
Washing machines
Fume extractor
Carbon fiber tubes

Utilitarian: All Around Living
Paracord stuff: glasses lanyard, staff hand grip, yarmulke, can koozie, camp chair, rescue belt,
Mason bee habitat
Indoor herb garden
Inuit thimble
4 Hour Kayak
Kick sled
Rotary sailing
Timbrel vaulting
Vertical farming
Home carbonation

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