Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zombie View Cafe


The Book View Cafe authors are delighted to welcome our newest author members...the Walking Dead!

With proven staying power, and back lists of books that have never gone away, awards too numerous to mention, these authors will re-energize and re-shape the cafe in ways never before imagined!

In honor of these new additions to the Cafe line up, the Cafe's front page ( will be dedicated to the finest work of these authors, newly returned to prominence and the surface of the earth.

"With the internet, print on demand and civilization-ending environmental catastrophy bringing so many exceptional authors back to life, as it were, we saw a real opportunity," said Sarah Zettel, Book View Cafe's Managing Director.

When asked why she decided to rise from the grave to join the ebook revolution and zombie apocolypse, Margaret Mitchell said, "I swore, as God is my witness, I would never go hungry again. With Google Maps to help me find the best concentrations of fresh brains, I can keep that promise."

"The fleeing populace is a moveable feast for a young zombie," adds Ernest Hemingway. "If we can use ebooks to help ensure they have short, happy lives, why the hell not?"

But, as always, it was the father of the modern English language who put it best. Said the Bard:

Wall of Idiots
Follow the Money: Funding Climate Deniers
US Chamber of Commerce now opposed by Best Buy
Energy star
Bias in animal studies

Links of Interest
Asteroid Impact vs. Climate Change
Renewable energy from sewage
8 Wonders of the Solar System
Chasing Kuiper objects
Bose-Einstein condensates
Children's toys inspiring scientific breakthroughs
Fat addiction
War on viruses
Comet crash causes creation

Outdoorsy Stuff

Trekking pole techniques
Checking for ticks
Signaling techniques
The self sufficient life

Things to do with Plastic Bags
Pallet chicken coop
Bone necklace
HDD rotary sander
Guitar stuff
Bow and arrow
Translucent concrete
Paracord belt watchband
Useless machine
Tesla coil
Built in bookshelf
LED deck lighting
Explosion box
Cloud chamber

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