Friday, April 9, 2010

Appreciating Spring

There are downsides in Massachusetts. The winter is long and changeable-- mostly long. Springs are changeable. Fall is beautiful but cannot be depended on. Summers. Well, some years you might get rain all June. Some years you get drought so hard you're worried about water. Did I say changeable?

Springs are not as colorful here as other places I've lived. If you want a sweet spring, go to Missouri.

But I will say this about Massachusetts: no one appreciates spring like we do. When it does come and we cautiously poke our heads outside and finally figure out that blazing ball in the sky actually is the sun. Against all our better judgment, spring has come again. By God we celebrate. We sit on the porch and marvel. People run red lights not for the normal impatient reasons but just because they were so engrossed in the light they just missed.

The picture above is our apricot tree-- as likely a disappointment as love since we've never gotten an apricot from it. But it's in bloom, by God. Isn't it pretty.

This picture is from the plum espalier I've been working on. You might have to expand it to look at it. I'm not a great photographer but we get plums every year-- just long enough to appreciate them before they're taken by brown rot.

Isn't it lovely?

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