Monday, May 3, 2010

About "The Great Caruso"

The Great Caruso goes up on Book View Cafe today. Read it here.

This story goes back to my mother, Opal Lee Popkes. (A bit about her work here.)

To say Opal was idiosyncratic would be an insult to idiosyncratic people. She went her own way and did things for her own reasons. Other peoples opinions or reasons did not sway her. She was a writer, as I am. I have fourteen packing boxes of manuscripts in the attic I'm working my way through slowly, figuring out what to do with them.

Opal died in 2004 from a stroke. I still feel robbed.

Opal smoked a good deal of her life. She quit when I was about fourteen or so. She was forty-six.

When I was in college, Opal asked me if I could get her some marijuana. After all, they put it in brownies, didn't they? I, of course, knew nothing about this substance personally but like any college student had heard a few things. I suggested that most people seemed to smoke it.

Mom thought about it for a moment and decided against it. She said it had taken her so much effort to quit smoking that she didn't want to get tempted back into it. As far as I know, she never tried brownies but knowing Opal, you can never tell.

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  1. Steve these two sentences from the story

    "Cancer is the emergent property of the accumulated errors in an ordered system. It's the consequences of random events."

    seem to anticipate this research