Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Idiocy Level at Eleven

(Picture from here.)

Jesus. The idiocy level is exceptionally this week. Must be impending summer and mid-term elections.

I mean my Wall of Idiots list is huge.

I like a healthy debate. I like good arguments. I am not conservative myself by nature-- I've had too many opportunities in my life that came directly from the institutions derided by many conservatives to feel that way. But a good conservative opposition is absolutely essential to this country's well being. Any way forward out of this mess has got to be a blend of social responsibility and individual rights, intelligent investment and fiscal responsibility.

What we get is Sarah Palin: the intellectual rigor of overcooked spaghetti.

This week's crop must be led by the most egregious offenders: The Texas School Board, who voted to revise and dumb down history books.

More on it here, here, and here. Colbert was a hoot. But, of course, our greatest living journalist Jon Stewart was spot on.
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Online education
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Sarah Palin. As always. And here.

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