Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Go Cape Wind! Better than an Off Shore Drilling Rig!

About five or six years ago there was a big debate up here on Logan Airport's new runway. Let me define my terms: big debate in this context was a lot of huffing and puffing before the new runway was put in place and East Boston got smacked by a bunch of new noise and pollution.

One of the reasons the runway was a foregone conclusion was the presented alternative: expanding Hanscom Field.

(BTW: You've probably heard of Hanscom Field in the second X-Man movie, when the X-Men are ordered to land at Hans-Com Air Force Base. Mispronounced to sound all military. It's pronounced Hans-come. But what of that.)

The difference? East Boston is poor, immigrant and used to getting shafted. Hanscom is next to Lexington-Bedford-Lincoln. All wealthy communities. Who are the politicians going to shaft?

Given the above story, you can imagine the glee with which I read that Cape Wind has been approved. The NIMBYs have been all over this one. Liberal lions (and yes, that is a reference to the the late Ted Kennedy) suddenly turn their backs on everything they've ever stood for when their precious view is threatened by a minuscule wind farm.

There was even a study commissioned to determined if the 42k gallon electrical oil could ever be at threat to the Cape Cod coast. Makes me wonder how it compares to the spill that's going on in the Gulf that might come up here. Oh, yeah. That spill is in the millions. And the study that was commissioned to see how much damage fuel oil tankers might due to the coast. Oh, wait. I missed the on line publication of that one.

I'd rather Cape Wind than the off shore drilling rig. But, since I'm a connoisseur of apoplexy, it sure would be fun to watch Exxon try to put one in.
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