Monday, May 10, 2010

BVC Steampunk Photo Contest

(Steam Punk Iron Man from here.)

Book View Café’s Extraordinary Steampunk Photo Contest

In celebration of Book View Press’ upcoming release of The Shadow Conspiracy Volume II (SCII), Book View Café is holding a steampunk photo contest. The winning photo will be used on the cover of SC II which is scheduled for publication in December of this year. Prizes for the winning entry will include a copy of The Shadow Conspiracy Vol. I and The Shadow Conspiracy Vol. II, as well as assorted ebooks from BVC authors. Additional photos may be chosen for illustrations in SCII.

Details and rules for the Shadow Conspiracy Extraordinary Steampunk Photo Contest can be found here.

Wall of Idiots
Fox News
Pubic lice for sale
Don Benton, Washington state candidate
Blamethrowing: oil executives and the spill
V: Bradley Byrne, runnning for Governator of Alabama and here
Brad Goehring, R candidate for Congress
God smacking

Links of Interest
Language of evolution
Best optical illusion of the year
The ice in the oil slick: clathrates
Blackbird SR-71 flight manual
Status on the BP oil spill
Making government work: handling the oil spill
Black hole hurled from galaxy
Belgian recumbent bicycles
Tea-tards conquer Maine
Hexapod dance off

V: Stuck in Vermont: Tiny Houses
V: Overhead projector music
V: Jarton: The Robot
6 month solar duration images
Backyard fire pit
Twig trellis
Concertina disassembly
Spice jars
Tiny house in Pacific Grove
V: Tiny Yellow House
Soda can Stirling engine
Stirling engine videos: Here. Here. Here. Here.
V: Taking apart a Stirling engine

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